Alexandria Adams

Graphic Designer intern 2020

Bachelor's in Graphic Design, Columbia College Chicago

"During my time at Keyconcept, I was able to develop my skills as a designer by being shown first hand what being a designer meant. Instead of just observing, I was encouraged to try my own hand at brand identity development and interior design while receiving guidance from an experienced designer. I was encouraged to expand beyond my position and develop a multi-faceted skillset that will open more employment opportunities for me in the future."  

Yanis Mezuar

architecture intern 2019 - 2020

Bachelor's in Architect, University of Illinois

"Keyconcept,a small interior design company, is definitely a great place to practice design and increase your knowledge as you will be surrounded by talented designers, green architecture and sustainable design passionate"  

Christopher Mock

Graphic Designer intern 2020

Professional photographer

"During my time at Keyconcept, I had the privilege to work in an abundantly creative environment that improved my talents across the board. I was able to learn invaluable lessons under Key Chan, while also having the freedom to forge my own path and create real-life relationships with business owners and entrepreneurs across the city of Chicago."  

Teagan Capek

interior design intern 2019

Bachelor's in Production Design, DePaul University

"This internship was very challenging but rewarding. I learned how to communicate with developers, vendors, and other industry professionals. I gained a lot of knowledge to further myself in my career goals."  

Valeria Lopez

graphic design intern 2019

Bachelor's in Graphic Design, Robert Morris University Chicago

"My experience at Keyconcept overall has been educational. I learned about using different design-related applications and I also learned to adapt to client’s needs for web design. I would definitely apply all the skills I learned at Keyconcept in the near future."  

Tiffany Caraos 

interior-architecture intern 2019

achieving a Bachelor's in Interior Architecture, Columbia College Chicago

"I gained a lot of experience and insight from this internship and I also got a better understanding of how the industry works.  The environment was very friendly and professional, and it was great to work with the people who work there"  

Jincheng Chen

architecture intern 2019

Bachelor's in Architect, University of Illinois

"It’s been a good time to stay with the Keyconcept team. Here I can learn and experience the architectural progress with the client and the team. It is good for me to in touch with the project and works with the given material. In addition, teamwork was a great part of this intern. We share ideas and work together to improve ourselves." 

Zhicong Zang

architecture intern 2019

Bachelor's in Architect, University of Illinois

"I absorbed the real-world experience that school hadn’t exposed me too.  During the teamwork, we learned to have good communication skills among our peers and each person stepping up to the plate to take responsibility for part of the assigned group project. Also, the team has had the opportunity to present our concepts/ideals to Keyconcept clients, take responsibility for any mistakes, and then problem-solve to provide real resolutions to accommodate the client."   

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