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Restaurant/Hospitality Industry Internship 


  1. Apply for the Restaurant/Hospitality Industry Internship by submitting the required documents: a cover letter and resume.
  2. Email the required documents to:

       KC Human Resources Department 


Restaurant/Hospitality Industry Internship 

You must live in Chicago or a suburban area! You must be 18 years or older


Do you want to be a leader in the Restaurant/Hospitality industry? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Have you dreamed of owning your own restaurant? 


The Restaurant/Hospitality Industry interns will work closely with the CEO/Owner of several restaurants to gain hands-on experience and mentoring for being a Restaurant/Hospitality General Manager, Restaurant owner, and Operating in the Restaurant/Hospitality Industry. The Restaurant/Hospitality Industry Internship is a 4-month program (serves as a probationary period). After the 4 months period, you will be evaluated to be hired as an Assistant Trainee Manager.


The Restaurant/Hospitality Industry Internship hands-on training responsibilities:

  • Learn and assist with coordinating daily Front of the House and Back of the House restaurant operations.


  • Learn and assist with delivering service and maximizing customer satisfaction.


  • Learn and assist with responding efficiently and accurately to customer complaints.


  • Learn and assist with regularly reviewing product quality and researching new vendors.


  • Learn and assist with organizing and supervising shifts


  • Learn and assist with appraising staff performance and providing feedback to improve productivity.


  • Learn and assist with estimating future needs for goods, kitchen utensils, and cleaning products.


  • Learn and assist with ensuring compliance with sanitation and safety regulations.


  • Learn and assist with managing the restaurant’s good image and suggest ways to improve it


  • Learn and assist with controlling operational costs and identify measures to cut waste


  • Learn and assist with creating detailed reports on weekly, monthly, and annual revenues and expenses.


  • Learn and assist with promoting the brand in the local community through word-of-mouth and restaurant events.


  • Learn and assist with recommending ways to reach a broader audience (e.g. discounts and social media ads)


  • Learn and assist with training new and current employees on proper customer service practices.


  • Learn and assist with implementing policies and protocols that will maintain future restaurant operations.


Requirements and skills

  • Some college courses in Business Administration, restaurant/hospitality management, finance management, or culinary schooling is a plus or other related experiences.


  • Some courses in Acute financial management skills


  • Strong leadership, motivational, and people skills



  1. Apply for the Restaurant/Hospitality Industry internship by submitting the required documents: a cover letter and resume.
  2. Email the required documents to:

       KC Human Resources Department 

Internship Placement at Keyconcept

Keyconcept ( has a wealth of expertise which includes: Graphic Design {Identity (concept and branding), Research (consumerism, distribution, & production), Interior Design (interior/exterior design for commercial and residential, graphic design), construction (planning/monitoring). and social media Marketing (marketing, & multimedia/social media) Social media sites.


Keyconcept Charities is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides internship programs, and the internship placements are within the company Keyconcept.


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