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Internship Programs

Keyconcept Charities (kC) provides internship programs within creative industries of interior design, graphic design, digital marketing, visual media design, culinary arts internship programs, and the Explore Art Project.

Keyconcept Charities (KC) is committed to supporting emerging creatives.  Our recruits come from diverse backgrounds, educational levels, income levels, and locations.  Our candidates could be high school graduates or postgraduates - the academic level doesn't matter. What matters is developing the right technical skillset and unique creativity that gives them an edge over the competition.  We're proud to provide a platform for creative talent to gain the advanced technical skills, innovative concepts, and competitive advantage needed to land jobs in these industries or empower creators toward an entrepreneurial path.  Our mission is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity, to level the playing field for aspiring minds, and unlock new opportunities for these young creatives to get a foot in the door of the ever-shifting creative industries.

As emerging creatives, they’ll face many challenges and opportunities while working in this fast-paced, technologically advanced industries.  New creatives may encounter numerous issues when looking to start their careers, such as figuring out how to properly market themselves and their talent, to be highly proficient across multiple software programs, have the ability to work efficiently on their own, reach client expectations on time, and balance project costs.  With 2023’s advancements in racial justice and heightened concerns about the climate crisis, creatives need to stay up-to-date on relevant trends, project timelines/costs, client expectations, and more.  Moreover, they must possess organization skills, demonstrate effective communication skills, and independent in incorporating existing ideas and timeless styles through design concepts.  These attributes are essential to succeeding in the current ever-changing creative industries.  Some creatives may even want to explore becoming entrepreneurs and selling their work independently.

Since its inception in 2019, KC has focused on cultivating an internship learning environment that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.  The co-founders—one African American female and one Chinese male—are ahead of the curve when it comes to fostering intercultural competence development.  With an emphasis on building human capacity, KC strives to create a space where individuals can develop professionally and personally while adapting culturally. 

The KC internship programs seek to equip emerging creatives with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the workplace.  Our program combines instructional learning with real-world experience and hands-on training from industry experts.  This approach gives our interns helpful career insight, fosters valuable industry connections, and helps them hone their technical and creative abilities to tackle complex problems in their chosen fields.  We believe that this combination of learning prepares our interns for their future career endeavors.


The key to success in the digital age lies in emerging creatives’ ability to stay competitive.  To achieve this, individuals must understand business management and entrepreneurship.  Learning to create accurate business case studies, increase their problem-solving skills, stay up-to-date on industry trends and techniques, operate within realistic financial constraints, work collaboratively with team members, and appraise the success or profitability of business projects.  By honing these skills and knowledge, they will become a sought-after asset in their chosen field.

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