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Host a Fundraiser 


"giving is the greatest act of grace"

Have an idea for a Fundraiser?  Show your support by activating your community by hosting a fundraiser on behalf of Keyconcept Charities.


Keyconcept Charities find that special events provide excellent opportunities for our team to connect with donors and allow people to get to know our organization and be supportive.  Our team can't do it alone. You can help, too, by creating your very own fundraiser. walkathon, bikathon, bowling, swim, dance, online social media campaign, or create something totally new. Whatever you LOVE to do can help raise needed funds to support our emerging talent'.

Please contact our development team for more details at

"Keyconcept Charities is an exempt organization as described in section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code"

Please note that your contribution may be tax-deductible within the limits prescribed by the law.

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