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Graphic Design Program

Keyconcept Charities offers an intimate learning environment where industry experts provide hands-on experience and demonstrate best practices. The graphic design internship program provides emerging creatives with practical experiences to learn about careers, develop networks, and experience the workplace. The graphic design internship program combines hands-on training with job-related instruction, progressively increasing the skill level. Our approach is engaging professional experts in rigorous training and work-based learning (career and technical) that leads to meaningful careers. Our team builds human capacity in an environment that fosters cultural competence and adaptability, with the goal of enhancing professional and personal growth. We provide the right programming to foster diversity, equity, and inclusion within our forum and space grounded in the values of these essential concepts.


Industry experts will guide and support interns as they work directly with client projects to learn methods and, technical skills:

  • developing brand identity/concepts

  • Environmental graphics

  • Exhibition design

  • Font /typography Design

  • Information design

  • Interaction design/interface design

  • Identity design/strategic design

  • Illustration/imagery design

  • Motion graphics design

  • Offset printing/digital printing

  • Packaging design

  • Poster design

  • Publication design

  • Sustainable design

  • Symbol design

  • Website design/cross-platform design

  • coordinating vendor purchases

  • completing preventative maintenance of design equipment,

  • troubleshooting malfunctions,

  • maintaining equipment inventories

Graphic Design Project

Restaurant Industry Marketing Project

Food Wanted | Chicago Wanted | Milwaukee Wanted | NewYork Wanted


Keyconcept Charities is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides internship programs, and the internship placements are within the company Keyconcept.  Due to the devastating economic impact of the pandemic on the restaurant industry, in April 2020, Keyconcept/Keyconcept Charities launched a noble cause name to provide free marketing/advertisement ads. 


The graphic design intern teams gain hands-on experience learning brand identity, concept design, visual media design, website design, and social media marketing. The Restaurant Industry Marketing Project is designing marketing ads in selected cities (Chicago, Milwaukee, and New York City) and local neighborhood restaurants in those cities by providing free social media cross-promotional ads encouraging residents to support their neighborhood independent restaurants and boost business sales.  The Restaurant Industry Marketing Projects are named Chicago Wanted, New York Wanted, and Milwaukee Wanted. 


The Marketing Project has continued to evolve to the next level.  The graphic design teams have designed a new Chicago Wanted website at

Check out the social media sites: 

Chicago Wanted 


Instagram: @chicagowantedinfo

New York Wanted


Instagram: newyorkwanted

Milwaukee Wanted


Instragram: milwaukeewanted



Graphic Design Intern Team

Sam Bochnia

RiAnna Hope Lanie

Pete Alegre

Melanie Thomas.jpg

MelanieJoy Thomas

Mrunalee Patel

Oskar Adame

Willaim Williams


Brandon Degalgo

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