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Fundraising Assistant Internships


  1. Apply for the Fundraising Assistant Internship (unpaid) and/or communications/marketing Assistant Internship internship (unpaid) by submitting the required documents: a cover letter and resume.
  2. Email the required documents to:

       KC Human Resources Department 


Fundraising Assistant Internship (unpaid)


Keyconcept Charities is looking for an intern that is an adaptable, positive, and passionate team player who is willing to learn all facets of the organization to ensure the success of their projects within the overall mission. The nonprofit operations development intern to work closely on the organization's marketing campaigns to the fundraiser. The student intern will be working closely with the President’s Office and Development Team to increase the organization’s brand exposure and fundraising goals through daily meetings and marketing plans:

  • Assist with developing marketing initiatives.

  • Assist with presenting presentations to targeted audiences.

  • Assist with developing social media fundraising campaigns.

  • Help brainstorm ideas and drive their implementation.

  • Communicate daily with team members on progress in the campaign and assist with the game plan for a solution.

  • Assist in launching donor Registration drives.

  • Assist with fundraising events.


Internship skills:

  • Comfortable with public speaking and presentation or wanting to enhance these skills with training.

  • Quick learner and adaptable

  • Organized, well-spoken, and ready to be challenged.

  • Concentrations in nonprofit, social work, communications, marketing, PR, business, economics, or psychology

  • Interns will have to be comfortable interacting with potential funders, be solution-oriented, and can work with a wide variety of individuals.

Internship Placement is located at

Keyconcept & Keyconcept Charities

1029 W 35th Street, Suite 200

Chicago, Illinois 60609

Keyconcept Charities provides oversight of the Keyconcept internship program. Keyconcept Charities is the philanthropic program for the parent company Keyconcept.



  1. Apply for the Fundraising Assistant Internship by submitting the required documents: a cover letter, resume, and writing sample.
  2. Email the required documents to:

        KC Human Resources Department 

Internship Placement at Keyconcept

Keyconcept ( has a wealth of expertise which includes: Graphic Design {Identity (concept and branding), Research (consumerism, distribution, & production), Interior Design (interior/exterior design for commercial and residential, graphic design), construction (planning/monitoring). and social media Marketing (marketing, & multimedia/social media) Social media sites.


Keyconcept Charities is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that provides internship programs, and the internship placements are within the company Keyconcept.

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