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KC internship programs allow interns:

  • To have real-world experience, you will need to attain a full-time job in your field successfully.

  • Alerts you to the skills that employers demand of prospective employees.

  • Allows interns to test out possibilities by exploring their interests and using their skills in a professional, working environment.

  • Provides networking opportunities in the field.

  • This may result in a full-time employment offer.

Keyconcept Charities provides business project management training and development to interns. Our internship programs are designed to provide the right climate for interns:

  • to develop an accurate business case study of the project,

  • increase their business problem-solving skills,

  • use current skills with an emphasis on learning new industry techniques/skills,

  • work within a business financial constraint,

  • presenting your best working within a team,

  • measure the effectiveness/profitability of a business project.

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