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Keyconcept Charities is proud to participate in GivingTuesday. With your generous support, we have the opportunity to continue providing quality arts/cultural programming through the Explore Art Project and provide extensive hands-on training to emerging creative talent. Thank you for joining us in this mission!

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The Holiday season is a perfect time to unleash your generosity!


Explore Art is a collection of digital magazines (Explore Art Magazine and Exploring Culture Magazine) and curated immersive solo/group exhibitions.  Explore Art is committed to offering immersive art and cultural experiences that serve and enrich the public. Our digital magazine collection will feature visual artists, art exhibitions, international, curators, art centers, musicians, dancers, poets, spoken word performers, theatrical directors, filmmakers, and every genre that represents creative expression. We want to increase visibility for a variety of art forms by amplifying international exchanges of culture through a universal platform. As well as giving our audience an up-close view of global culture with its many players and expressions - all made possible with creative minds.

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Keyconcept Charities provides fiscal oversight and is the financial administrator for the Export Art internship programs, cultural exchange programs, art exhibitions, and fundraising activities. Keyconcept Charities is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.  If you have any questions please contact us at


Alex Adams

Keyconcept Charities provides internship programs within creative industries of interior design, graphic design, digital marketing, visual media design, culinary arts internship programs, and the Explore Art Project.


Keyconcept Charities is committed to supporting emerging creatives.  Our recruits come from diverse backgrounds, educational levels, income levels, and locations.  Our candidates could be high school graduates or postgraduates - the academic level doesn't matter. What matters is developing the right technical skillset and unique creativity that gives them an edge over the competition.  We're proud to provide a platform for creative talent to gain the advanced technical skills, innovative concepts, and competitive advantage needed to land jobs in these industries or empower creators toward an entrepreneurial path.  Our mission is to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity, to level the playing field for aspiring minds, and unlock new opportunities for these young creatives to get a foot in the door of the ever-shifting creative industries.

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