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CulinaryArts Internships


  1. Apply for the culinary arts internship (unpaid) by submitting the required documents: a cover letter and resume.
  2. Email the required documents to:

       KC Human Resources Department 


Culinary Arts Internships (Unpaid)

Master Chef Chan is looking for highly motivated hospitality interns, who are enthusiasts to gain hands-on experience and driven toward the best! Five years ago, nationally acclaimed Chef Kee Chan introduced Strings Ramen (co-owner) to help Chicagoans enjoy ramen by learning the traditional way of eating it and the symbolic meaning of the dish.  Always introducing a fresh new experience Chef Chan presents his NEW BRAND juisy Fruit + Tea.  The Culinary Arts Program works closely with the culinary experts to expose the general public to food visionaries.  With our cutting-edge platforms, the group aims to promote emerging talent and create numerous industry benefits while elevating the guest dining designation experiences in the industry.  The professional development program encourages diversity, teamwork, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in the industry.

The Culinary Arts Program will provide opportunities to connect with the best restaurants and food businesses, mentor-trainee based, hands-on experience for the overall hospitality business, platforms emerging chefs, mixologist, etc. can showcase their talent, menu engineering, on-the-job experience, engaging in industry networking, launching entrepreneurship in the culinary industry, and emphasizing the importance of appreciating where food comes.

The interns will have the chance to gain hands-on-experience and mentoring within a restaurant, cafés, catering or lounge setting trained by culinary arts professionals. If you are highly motivated and want to be a part of the unique and personalized experience for our guests by delivering exceptional service from the moment, they enter the juisy bar to the time they leave, then this job is for you!


  • Must be able to work independently with limited direct supervision.

  • Self-motivated by a strong sense of responsibility to complete work quickly and accurately.

  • Connect with people quickly in an outgoing and friendly manner.

  • Uphold all standards of excellence; always do the right thing with the highest level of integrity.


Intern Responsibilities During the Internship

1. Demonstrate an excellent attendance record.

2. Demonstrated willingness to receive instruction and constructive criticism.

3. Demonstrate ability to follow through without constant supervision.

4. Demonstrated dependability, responsibility, and helpfulness.


Internship Site Responsibilities

  • Along with making our guests feel welcome and happy, you’ll also be responsible for staffing, assist in setting opening/closing juisy bar, acting a server, juisologist, cook, managing inventory control, and daily administrative tasks.

  • Provides complimentary according to established guidelines and sound business practices.

  • Assist in developing a marketing plan

  • Engages with a target audience on social media sites to attract customers

  • Uses proactive discretionary comping to encourage repeat patronage.


  1. Apply for the culinary arts internship (unpaid) by submitting the required documents: a cover letter and resume.
  2. Email the required documents to:

       KC Human Resources Department 


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