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Culinary Arts Programs

Keyconcept Charities works closely with culinary experts to introduce the public to food visionaries.  Our internship programs foster the diversity, teamwork, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in the hospitality industry. Keyconcept Charities is dedicated to mentorship and cultivating an entrepreneurial spirit within our team and talent. We help our rising entrepreneurs build outstanding small food businesses by eliminating significant barriers to success. Our programs nourish the culinary industry by creating sustainable economic growth and new job opportunities.


Through our Signature Platforms focused on events and incubator programs providing ongoing internship opportunities, we promote emerging culinary talent while elevating guest dining experiences. The Culinary Arts program will provide opportunities to connect with the best restaurants and food businesses and mentor-trainee-based, hands-on hospitality experience and platforms for emerging talent to showcase their skills. Interns will gain on-the-job training, engage in industry networking, and learn the importance of sustainability in the context of the global impact of food preparation and consumption.

Signature Platforms

Plate Your Dream

  • This signature platform allows rising talent to present their visions of the evolving culinary industry by creating five-course dinners designed and executed in accordance with their visions of how food will be prepared, presented, and experienced five years in the future.

  • Culinary talent will have the opportunity to manage their own kitchens as chefs, curating their menus during Plate Your Dream events and providing an exquisite guest dining experience.


Signature Platforms


  • The 17ninetyeight signature platform partners with sponsors to curate events that showcase the mixology craft and highlight fine cocktails. 


  • 17ninetyeight events create the right climate for emerging mixologists to showcase their flair for designing cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks with surprising ingredients and unusual pairings. Our vision is to influence beverage enthusiasts to savor the tasting experience in a format that celebrates our rising talent.

Incubator Programs


  • Streetchefs brings together a vibrant community of culinary entrepreneurs. Emerging food visionaries learn to develop their business concepts with minimal risk and low start-up costs.

  • Streetchefs will ignite participants’ passion for food, desire for in-depth, hands-on exposure to the best cuisines in the world, and their hunger to learn the process of planning, building, promoting, running and sustaining a flourishing business.

  • The interior space resembles a spacious street market with a variety of vendors, each showcasing tasty, gourmet carryout dishes. 


  • Entrepreneurs are provided with the opportunity to experiment and grow their businesses through access to commercial equipment for food preparation and commercial space in which to market their dishes in an on-site retail environment. 

Incubator Programs


  • The "juisy" brand consists of organic fruit drinks blended with a variety of teas, natural ingredients (herbs, spices, etc.), an option of CBD added, and spirits. Inclusive will be its proprietary juisy organic teas freshly brewed on the juisy menu.


  • The Culinary Team provides hands-on training to introduce the emerging culinary talent to learn the brand concept, the sustainable, healthy food ingredients, create juisy beverages/cocktails, and operate the juisy Pop-up events and the juisy catering service.  

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