new Arts/Culture Program

Our mission is to provide a rich culturally rewarding experience to the general public; promote emerging to internationally established visual artists, curators, art centers, musicians, dancers, artistic directors, or other arrays of artistic genres.

In addition, to spread diversity, equity, and inclusion as global citizens we will provide amplify international cultural exchange & exhibitions; develop international cultural exchange projects which encourage cross-cultural and international understanding, hosts international artists for local art exhibitions, facilitate and curate international exhibitions; increase artists’ visibility internationally, nurture artists’ communities globally; and act as a catalyst to foster corporate sponsorships and endorsements, facilitate international professional career development

She Who May Not Be Turned by Justin-Dingwall | ARTCO Gallery

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EXPO CHICAGO Vernissage 2019 - Image Courtesy of EXPO CHICAGO 

Keyconcept Charities | 1029 West 35th Street, Suite 200 

Chicago, Illinois 60609 | 312-607-5750 |

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