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Content Media Internships


  1. Apply for the content media internship (unpaid) by submitting the required documents: a cover letter, resume, and writing sample.
  2. Email the required documents to: 

KC Human Resources Department 


Content Media Internship (unpaid)


The Content Media Internship assists with content creation and assists with supporting the social media and communications team in bringing communications and media relations plans alive.


The content assistant student internship can be offered strictly; we will work closely with the interns to provide hands-on in-person and/or remote learning for the internship. The remote monitoring will be through video conferencing, telephone conference, text, etc.


Job Description


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assist with the creation of content, including e-mail campaigns, grantee & intern testimonial, stories, blogs, and prepares them for distribution on the appropriate platform

  • Assist with posting news releases, statements, blogs, and other content to the organization’s website.

  • Assist in maintaining communications materials to ensure that content is up to date and effectively showcases organizational priorities

  • Assist in collaborating with the graphic designer team on the creation of designed materials for web content to ensure they are accessible

  • Assist with coordinating and maintaining a repository of shared team documents and resources, archive project materials



  •  A strategic and creative thinker

  • The ability to demonstrate grace under pressure while assisting with handling multiple competing demands and meeting tight deadlines

  •  An understanding of social media tactics.

  •  Excellent writing and communication skills

  • An effective communicator and listener with organizational and interpersonal skills self-motivated and team player


Internship Placement located at


1029 W 35th Street, Suite 200

Chicago, Illinois 60609


Keyconcept (, has a wealth of expertise which includes: Graphic Design {Identity (concept and branding), Research (consumerism, distribution, & production), Interior Design (interior/exterior design for commercial and residential, graphic design), Construction (planning/monitoring). and Social media Marketing (marketing, & multimedia/social media) Social media sites.


  1. Apply for the Content Media internship (unpaid) by submitting the required documents: a cover letter, resume, and writing sample.
  2. Email the required documents to:

        KC Human Resources Department 


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