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Career Development Programs

The Keyconcept Charities vision is guided by a fundamental commitment to unlock the doors to emerging talents’ potential and act as a catalyst to foster transformation within interior design, graphic design, social media content management, marketing/public relations, videographer/photographer, and   culinary arts.


Keyconcept Charities is striving to be recognized as the professional career development standard in the interior design, graphic design, social media  content management, marketing/public relations, videographer/photographer, and  culinary arts. industries.

Our team builds human capacity in an environment that fosters cultural competence and adaptability. We provide the right programming to enhance professional and personal growth within a forum and space grounded in the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Recognizing the challenges of molding career interest into a viable and sustainable profession, Keyconcept Charities seeks to bridge this gap for emerging talent. We provide the quality mentoring and professional development programs that pave the way for a successful transition from emerging interest to future career experts within the interior design, graphic design, social media content management, marketing/public relations, videographer/photographer, and culinary arts. industries.

Project Outcomes


  • Provide training and hands-on learning opportunities for the development of skills in interior design, graphic design, social media content management, marketing/public relations, videographer/photographer, and culinary arts. industries.

  • Keyconcept Charities has collaborative partnerships with experts to provide hands-on experience for quality internship experiences.  


  • Offer quality learning experiences within an open and supportive intercultural community.


  • Foster the development of intercultural competence


  • Encourage and give space to individual identity within a professional working environment


  • Offer emerging talent one-on-one mentoring to cultivate a competitive edge in today’s challenging job market through team building and hands-on-experience 


In an increasingly global workforce, professionalism is conceptualized in an intercultural framework. Our team is sensitive to the diversity and richness that comprises vital elements of the human experience.  Diversity is an important reality of our daily lives, and we value the benefits that come from living and working in an intercultural society. In that spirit, we are committed to accepting, supporting, respecting, and affirming those we employ and serve from diverse backgrounds. Our goal is to live out these values amongst ourselves, with our clients, and our community. Our commitment is for our daily interactions to honor the diversity that defines us.

Keyconcept Charities has a collaborative partnership with the company Keyconcept (


Keyconcept Charities is the philanthropic area of Keyconcept ( and provides administrative oversight for the nonprofit organization and its career development programs.

The career development program tracks business project management performance metrics. Unlike an educational classroom setting with Keyconcept Charities’ approach, we are not tracking the career development program in terms of pass or fail.  Our approach is providing the right climate for interns to develop an accurate business case study of the project, increase their business problem-solving skills, using current skills with an emphasis on and learning new industry techniques/skills, working within a business financial constraint, presenting your best working within a team, and measure the effectiveness/profitability of a business project. 


The interns will be required to complete business case studies that include the following project measurements


  • Productivity: Tracking productivity provides data that enables to assess the resources used to complete the project and total effort made within the project parameters.


  • Scope of work: Metrics that measure a project’s scope provide data that can help determine the timeline and budget needed to complete the project.


  • Quality and satisfaction: Quality and satisfaction metrics measure the quality of the project’s deliverables at its completion and include customer-centric data.


  • Cost: Cost metrics are key performance metrics to track in project management. Cost management needs to account for any unexpected variables that could arise during the project timeline.

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