Our Approach

Keyconcept Charities was co-founded by Kee Chan and Renée L. Rose in August 2019. The nonprofit organization is exempt under the IRS section 501(c)(3), classified as a public charity.

Our Mission

Keyconcept Charities provides extensive career development for emerging talent to nurture their professional identities through a hands-on approach with a commitment to the cultivation of entrepreneurial values.

Our Vision

The Keyconcept Charities unlocks the doors to an emerging workforce while stimulating diversity, equity, and inclusion that fosters the development of intercultural competence.  Keyconcept Charities acts as a catalyst to foster transformation within interior design, graphic design, culinary arts,  and arts/culture industries.


Our Values

  • We advance and cultivate the development of an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • We celebrate creativity in approach, communication, and methodology.

  • We provide a learning environment stimulating diversity, equity, and inclusion that fosters the development of intercultural competence.

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"We build human capacity in an environment that fosters cultural competence and adaptability."


Alexandria Adams

Graphic Designer intern 2020

Bachelor's in Graphic Design, Columbia College Chicago

"During my time at Keyconcept, I was able to develop my skills as a designer by being shown first hand what being a designer meant. Instead of just observing, I was encouraged to try my own hand at brand identity development and interior design while receiving guidance from an experienced designer. I was encouraged to expand beyond my position and develop a multi-faceted skillset that will open more employment opportunities for me in the future."  

Christopher Mock

Graphic Designer intern 2020

Professional photographer

"During my time at Keyconcept, I had the privilege to work in an abundantly creative environment that improved my talents across the board. I was able to learn invaluable lessons under Kee Chan, while also having the freedom to forge my own path and create real-life relationships with business owners and entrepreneurs across the city of Chicago."  

Teagan Capek

interior design intern 2019

Bachelor's in Production Design, DePaul University

"This internship was very challenging but rewarding. I learned how to communicate with developers, vendors, and other industry professionals. I gained a lot of knowledge to further myself in my career goals."  

Our Commitment During Convid-19

The Keyconcept Charities team remains strongly committed and providing the right environment to successfully developing human capital.  Our Team has transitioned between in-person to a virtual organization and done so effectively, to continue providing social distance learning experiences for emerging talent while providing a positive self-care environment for our team. 

During these uncertain times, we are certain this era will pass, Keyconcept Charities team and its participants remain strongly united and committed to providing a better future from these experiences. 

The pressing issues presented now have reinforced our commitment to building bridges across the divides in our nation that too often isolate people and lessens their humanity, productivity, and well being. We are a strong culturally competent, diverse learning environment that will lead us toward a future with a massive quality intercultural workforce.

Keyconcept Charities | 1029 West 35th Street, Suite 200 

Chicago, Illinois 60609 | 312-607-5750 

contact@keyconceptcharities.com | www.keyconceptcharities.com

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